Research Projects

MIT Projects (Lead or Co-Lead): 

  • Electrically tunable thermal radiation in the near field using ferroelectric materials (Compeleted)
  • Design and optical characterization of wide-angle spectrally selective surfaces for hybrid PV-thermal systems (Completed)
  • Development of novel fabrics using thermal radiative management (Ongoing)
  • Secret project on TPVs (Ongoing)
  • Thermal luminescent concentrators - theroetical analysis (Ongoing)

MIT Projects (Contributed):

  • Simulation of "thermal-wells" for thermophotovoltaic (TPV) applications
  • Simulation of optical and electrical properties of thin-film c-Si solar cells 

UCLA (Contributed)

  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of thin-film mesoporous zeolite 
  • Simulation of cell migration on patterned substrate